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Reroofing Your Building Starts With The Roof Hugger Retrofit Framing System

Transform your old metal roof into a code-compliant, high-performing, long-lasting, energy-efficient, photovoltaic-ready asset with virtually no business disruption

The Roof Retrofit Solution

Put a New Metal Roof
Directly Over an Existing One

Compatible with any manufacturer’s new metal roof panel, Roof Hugger’s retrofit system allows the minimally disruptive installation of a new roof over the existing one, making it cost-effective, structurally sound, and building code compliant. Rigorously tested and adaptable to any existing metal panel, our system can incorporate insulation and solar energy equipment, making your building cooler in summer, warmer in winter, and environmentally friendly year-round.


Upgrade your roof from Screw-down to Standing Seam panels


Metal roofing has the lowest lifetime cost

Energy Saver

Add Insulation, Ventilation, Heat Recovery and more

Long Lasting

Panel manufactures now offer 40 year + panel warranties

Roof Hugger Advantages

Boost your building's performance with Roof Hugger's Factory-Notched Sub-Purlin Systems


Tailored to snugly fit over any existing metal roof panel. Remove roof steps.

High-Strength Material

Constructed from durable 50 KSI galvanized steel.

Minimal Assembly Height

Computer-controlled punching for precise size and fastener spacing.

Enhanced Roof Strength

Additional support to existing roof, offsetting the added weight of new components.

Accommodates Extra Insulation

Designed to allow for added insulation between old and new roofs.

Special Size, No Problem

Capability to produce specifically suited dimensions for any unique project needs.

Roof Hugger is proud to be a member of the following associations:

Discover why Roof Hugger is the #1 choice in commercial construction

building owners

Economical, minimal disruption – no shut downs upgrade to standing seam roofing. 60 year roof life solar panel ready.


Designed for smooth installation, our retrofit systems offer contractors a hassle-free, efficient, cost-effective, and code compliant solution.

Design Professionals

A tested system that offers an architecturally sound, adaptable solution for roof upgrades, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

Manufacturing and Install Process

A Behind the Scenes Look:
From Precision Fabrication to Rooftop Installation

From fabrication to installation and everything in between. Beginning with manufacturing of custom Hugger sub-purlins that are made using sophisticated punching, shearing and press-braking equipment to allow our systems to match virtually any existing metal roof profile/configuration including screw-down, standing seam and corrugated.

About roofhugger

55 years of American manufacturing experience

Roof Hugger is committed to manufacturing superior products, championing product innovation, and setting the standard in customer service excellence. Our highly recognized brand resonates with the metal construction industry, complementing our family of businesses whose products have earned widespread respect.

Roof Hugger’s stable of products are the most tested retrofit roofing products of their kind, and the most specified metal-over-metal sub-framing systems by building owners nationwide including federal and state governments, the military and schools. having been installed on over 3 million sq. ft. of U.S. military installations. At Roof Hugger, we’re not just improving roofs, we’re reshaping the industry.

Purchasing Options

Buy Direct or Through Licensed Resellers

Purchase directly from us or, if you also need a new metal roof, connect with our licensed resellers for complete turnkey service.

LSI Group is a group of companies that offer metal building components to the construction industry. We offer anything from clips and custom dies to retrofit roof systems.

transform your old metal roof

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