Green Retrofit: Energy Efficient & Renewable Solar

It is very important to understand that in a retrofit Metal-over-Metal application, the Roof Hugger sub-purlin will create an air-space cavity between the old roof and the underside of the new roof.

This air-space presents several energy efficiency opportunities to the contractor and building owner. Simply stated, the space can be used to improve the building inhabitant’s comfort and environment as well as provide significant energy saving benefits. This is true whether the building is temperature controlled or not. From the very basic provision of a vented air-space, adding insulation or an integrated solar thermal water heating system, these composite assemblies provide a return on the building owner’s investment beginning on the first day the retrofit is completed. All systems come with tax savings from simple tax deductions or significant tax credits as explained in our ECO-Fit brochure below.

You may download the ECO-Fit brochure by clicking on it or for more information, you can download any or all of the following system descriptions:

Also provided below is a news article on a recent research project installed for the Department of Defense. Located in San Angelo, Texas the Goodfellow Air Force Base Security Services building underwent a complete Metal-over-Metal Retrofit in 2011-2012. Funded by a DoD Grant, the project includes an upgrade to R-50 thermal resistance (from R-19), solar hot water and air, renewable solar photovoltaics and rainwater collection system that is used for grounds irrigation. You can read about it by clicking on the photograph.


ECO-Fit Brochure Insulated Assemblies Ventilated Assemblies Heat Recovery Assemblies DoD Research Project

Renewable Technology Resources: Roof Hugger has assisted the following companies by providing Hugger sub-framing for their renewable energy hot water/air recovery systems and photovoltaic projects. If you wish to learn more about these technologies, you may contact them directly:

American Solar, Inc.
Attn: John Archibald
Systems Provided:
Solar Hot Air Recovery

Englert Environmental
Attn: Jerry Heininger
Systems Provided:
Solar Hot Water Assemblies
Solar Photovoltaic Power
Rainwater Collection



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